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Can Other Family Members Get Benefits Under Social Security Disability?

When your health took a turn and you had to stop working, it was devastating to you, and it put a big strain on your family.

Social Security Disability benefits give you a chance to breathe. But they probably don’t replace the income you had when you worked, and that can be hard on your spouse and children.

Is there any help for family members of someone who gets Social Security Disability because they can’t work?

Yes, there is. Under certain circumstances, these people can also receive payments from Social Security after an immediate family member qualified for disability benefits: 

  • Spouses
  • Underage children
  • Adult children with disabilities
  • Survivors of a disability recipient who died

Like everything else with Social Security Disability, getting benefits for dependents or other family members isn’t easy. You have to prove that your family qualifies.

But your Alabama Social Security Disability lawyer from The Clarkson Firm can help you do this.

We don’t care what anybody else says; we think when times are hard, you and your family deserve a hand up. 

We’ve helped thousands of people in Alabama and Tennessee, and across the Southeast.

Get in touch if you have questions about disability benefits for family members in Birmingham, Chattanooga, Gadsden, Montgomery, Mobile and any town in North Alabama, the Black Belt, or the Gulf Coast.

A senior man and woman smiling with a young girl and boy. Social Security Disability survivor benefits are available for family members of benefits recipients who died.

Social Security Disability Survivor Benefits in Alabama and the Southeast

When a loved one who received Social Security Disability benefits dies, help is available to the family members they leave behind.

Losing someone close to you, and the support they brought in, is gutting. Social Security recognizes this and transfers some of the assistance to you.

You could receive these benefits as:

  • A spouse (who is not remarried, depending on age)
  • A former spouse who was married to the deceased person for at least 10 years
  • A child of the person who died
  • A parent of the person who had benefits, if the parent depended on their child for support

As the husband or wife of someone who received Social Security Disability before they died, the amount you receive could vary from a portion of your spouse’s benefits to 100% of their benefits, depending on your age, disability status, and responsibility for a child under 16.

Social Security has a cap on how much all of the members of a family can collect based on the qualifying record of a deceased relative. If multiple spouses and exes, children, or parents claim benefits, each could see a reduced amount.

The Clarkson Firm is a family disability law firm devoted to helping other families.

In a time of grief and uncertainty, we want to see you and your family getting the support you need to move forward.

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Three people sit on a park bench next to a woman in a wheelchair, all of them laughing and smiling. The Clarkson Firm disability attorneys can answer questions about getting Social Security Disability benefits.

How Does Social Security Disability Work? Get Answers.

Social Security Disability is a huge, complicated program that often doesn’t seem like it cares much about you and your needs. Can’t get answers to your questions? Your disability attorney from The Clarkson Firm is the one who truly cares and guides you. Talk to us.

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