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Do I Meet the Qualifications for Disability Benefits?

If you worked for years, paid Social Security taxes, then got hit with health problems that force you to stop working, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

In fact, you earned these benefits. This program is for hardworking people, to give you a chance at a decent life when times get tough. It’s not a handout.

And it’s not easy to get. To win disability benefits, you have to provide facts, figures, evidence, and arguments that:

  • You’re not earning more than a maximum amount set by Social Security.
  • You have previously worked and paid enough in Social Security taxes to be covered by SSDI benefits.
  • You have at least one severe medical impairment that stops you from doing your last job.
  • You can’t take on a new job, either.
  • Your health limitations and inability to work will last at least a year.

You’ve probably never gone through this before. But The Clarkson Firm has done it thousands of times for people in Alabama.

You can get someone with experience to stand by your side without paying any fee until you win benefits.

In Birmingham, Gadsden, Montgomery or Mobile, all of North Alabama, the Black Belt, the Gulf Coast, and in Chattanooga, all of Tennessee, and the whole Southeast, people go to Clarkson when they need help with disability benefits.

Holding a prescription bottle, a woman smiles and talks to a doctor with a clipboard. Information about your medical treatment is part of what you need to qualify for Social Security Disability.

Information You Need to Qualify for Social Security Disability

Everything you report about your health problems and how they hurt your ability to work has to be backed up with evidence.

You’ll need to see your doctor regularly to get that evidence. Meeting the qualifications for disability benefits means turning in documents like these:

  • Medical exam reports
  • Medical test results
  • Treatment plans
  • How your condition responds to treatment
  • History of your impairment
  • Your training and work background
  • Statements from family and friends

Another factor is your age.

After you turn 50, Social Security uses a complicated tool called “the grid rules” to decide whether they think you could switch to a new kind of job and keep working, or whether your inability to continue in your last job means you can’t work at all.

Your Social Security Disability lawyer can navigate all of this for you—making sure you get the right bits of information to Social Security in the right way—so you can have confidence knowing someone experienced is on top of your disability case.

The Clarkson Firm is here to make this task easier, and make sure you get the attention and respect you deserve on your way to disability benefits and financial relief.

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Laptop open in front of her, a woman holds her smartphone and smiles. The Clarkson Firm disability attorneys can answer questions about getting Social Security Disability benefits.

How Does Social Security Disability Work? Get Answers.

Social Security Disability is a huge, complicated program that often doesn’t seem like it cares much about you and your needs. Can’t get answers to your questions? Your disability attorney from The Clarkson Firm is the one who truly cares and guides you. Talk to us.

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“I would highly recommend The Clarkson Firm. I couldn’t have made it through this process without their help. They made it so easy and were always there to help out, and everyone I dealt with was extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with. I and my family can’t thank you enough.”

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