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If You Get Disability Benefits, You Get Health Care Coverage, Too

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits provide monthly checks to help you pay for food, rent, your car, the electric bill, and other essentials when you’re forced to stop working due to severe health problems.

It sure is a relief.

But the monthly income may not even be the best part of it. When you qualify for Social Security Disability, you also qualify for Medicare.

Usually, you can’t get Medicare until you reach 65. But with disability benefits, you can get it sooner.

This is a big deal when you’re struggling with your health. Medicare lets you get the medical treatment you need in a way you can afford.

First, though, you’ve got to face a difficult process for getting disability benefits in the first place.

This is where a Social Security Disability lawyer can help. At The Clarkson Firm, our Alabama disability attorney has helped thousands of people.

Talk to us about your disability claim. The financial assistance and health care access can help you finally get some peace back in your life.

We serve all of these areas: Birmingham, Gadsden, Montgomery, Mobile, North Alabama, the Black Belt, the Gulf Coast, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the Southeast.

Talking on the phone and smiling, a man looks down at his laptop. Medicaid and different parts of Medicare apply differently to your situation depending on the type of disability benefits you receive.

What Else to Know About Medicare and SSD

Here some more important considerations on Medicare and Social Security Disability:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI): People getting SSI (not SSDI) qualify for Medicaid, instead of Medicare.
  • SSI-Medicaid Wait: When you qualify for SSI, which is based partly on financial need, you get access to Medicaid immediately. (No waiting period like with Medicare and SSDI.)
  • Medicare Advantage: People who get Medicare can choose between different plans under “Medicare Advantage,” which is funded by the government but run by insurance companies.
  • Different Parts of Medicare: Medicare Part A covers hospitalization and other extensive care. Part B covers doctor visits. Part C, which is Medicare Advantage, incudes services from A and B. Part D is for prescription medications.
  • Maintaining Disability Eligibility: Health care coverage is obviously important when you’re living with medical impairments. Getting regular treatment is also important to maintaining your disability benefits. Medicare allows you to keep seeing doctors, which creates medical records, which show Social Security that your condition still qualifies for benefits.

An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help you navigate the process of getting disability benefits, so you can also get Medicare, and take care of your own health and well-being.

Outdoors on a sunny day, a map holds his phone to his ear and smiles. The Clarkson Firm disability attorneys can answer questions about getting Social Security Disability benefits.

How Does Social Security Disability Work? Get Answers.

Social Security Disability is a huge, complicated program that often doesn’t seem like it cares much about you and your needs. Can’t get answers to your questions? Your disability attorney from The Clarkson Firm is the one who truly cares and guides you. Talk to us.

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