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A man leans with his elbows on a table while a woman looks at him and touches his shoulder. The free app that The Clarkson Firm disability lawyer uses lets you check your SSD application status any time.

Checking an SSD Application Status Using Our Free App

When you’re waiting on a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) case, this may be the most important thing going on in your life.

You’re off work because of bad health; you need the monthly income support and Medicare coverage that comes with disability benefits. Your application for disability may be your main hope to calm your situation and let you breathe a little more easily.

At The Clarkson Firm, we get it.

So when you work with our Social Security Disability lawyer on your claim, we provide a free mobile phone app called Case Status that lets you send us messages and check on your disability claim at any time, day or night.

Easy communication is one of our top values at The Clarkson Firm. 

Disability attorney Abbey Clarkson will always explain your case in a down-to-Earth way, not in lawyer-speak.

And disability law firms don’t always provide something like the Case Status app, letting you stay updated 24/7.

We can tell you that our clients LOVE being able to use this app. It can make you feel so much better knowing answers are a few phone taps away.

We help people get disability benefits in Birmingham, Gadsden, North Alabama, Montgomery, the Black Belt, Mobile, the Gulf Coast, Chattanooga, and across Tennessee and all points in the Southeast United States.

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A man leans against a wall, hands in his pockets, smiling. The disability case status app you get when you work with The Clarkson Firm lets you check on your claim to get fast answers at any hour.

When You Might Want to Use the Disability Case Status App

Everybody’s situation is different. Phone calls and emails aren’t always the easiest ways to talk about your Social Security Disability claim.

The Case Status app we use at The Clarkson Firm is ideal for people in situations like these:

  • You’re stressed, and you don’t want to get on the phone and talk to someone every time you have a question about your case.
  • You often sleep during the day because of your pain and medical conditions, so you don’t get a chance to call during business hours.
  • Your best times to check your disability case status are after hours or on weekends.

The Social Security Disability process is hard. The Case Status app is just one way we work to make it easier on you.

And you can always call, too. Unlike some law firms, at The Clarkson Firm you can reach your disability attorney and talk to her directly at any time during your case.

In fact, we even have more time for important one-on-one conversations because we can address so many smaller things using the app. Some things are best discussed in person.

If you want to talk more about what it’s like to work with The Clarkson Firm on your Social Security Disability claim, it’s always free to have a conversation where we can introduce each other and see what we can do for your case.

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Sitting at a kitchen table, a man looks down at a computer while a woman stands behind him and gives him a hug. You can use The Clarkson Firm's case status app to send questions to your disability lawyer, get answers, and send and receive documents.

What You Can Do on the Disability Case Status App

These are the main functions of the Case Status app you might use as a client of our Social Security Disability law firm:

  • Send questions to your disability lawyer, and get answers
  • Send documents to your lawyer
  • Receive documents from the law firm

As you go through your disability benefits case, Social Security will ask you to fill out different forms, and they’ll give you deadlines for replying to them.

We can use the Case Status app to keep everything on track.

We keep our clients at the center of everything we do at The Clarkson Firm.

This handy Case Status app is just another tool our office uses to help us stay connected and be easily accessible—so we can give you the best service possible during a difficult time.

Sometimes with Social Security, and even with big law firms that advertise on TV, your case can fall through the cracks.

We’re here to give you the personal attention you deserve—and secure for you the assistance you need to live a fuller life.

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