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Looking for an SSD Lawyer Who Gets What You’re Going Through?

The last thing you ever wanted was to lose the ability to work, become unable to support yourself and your family, and need to get Social Security Disability.

And the last thing you need is for someone to judge you for it.

Social Security Disability benefits are not a handout. They’re for people who worked hard, paid their dues, and deserve to be treated with dignity when they’re dealing with serious health problems.

An SSD attorney from The Clarkson Firm will take the time to understand what you’re going through—to actually give a hoot—and help you find your way to better financial stability and overall well-being.

Our Alabama attorney can help you with any of these kinds of cases:

We help people in all of these places: Birmingham, Gadsden, North Alabama, Montgomery, the Black Belt, Mobile, the Gulf Coast, Chattanooga, and across Tennessee and the whole Southeast United States.

The Clarkson Firm is here to back you up in a time of need.

We’re not here to get you a handout. We’re here to give you a hand up.

A man and woman look over paperwork. The Alabama SSD lawyer team at The Clarkson Firm gives you the attention you deserve at every step of your disability claim.

Why Your Clarkson SSD Lawyer Isn’t Just Any Disability Lawyer

You’re dealing with what might be the worst crisis of your life, and you need a disability lawyer who understands how important this is to you.

You need someone who really listens, provides real help, and treats you with dignity and respect. 

Disability lawyer Abbey Clarkson created The Clarkson Firm because she wanted to help people get disability benefits in her own, personal way—definitely different from law firms you might see in TV ads who process people’s cases like widgets on an assembly line.

This is what you deserve, and this is what you get with The Clarkson Firm:

  • A disability lawyer who explains the process in plain English
  • A lawyer you can speak with one-on-one whenever you have a question
  • A lawyer who gives you constant access to your claim status
  • A disability legal team that treats you like a person who deserves respect, not just a case file
  • A disability attorney who helps from your first application for benefits, not just after a denial
  • A family law firm that values helping other families
  • A disability lawyer with over a decade of experience with SSDI
  • A lawyer who has helped thousands of people


You’re a hard worker. You’re a person who tries to do what’s right in the world.

At one time or another, we all need a hand up. 

Talk to The Clarkson Firm and go after your disability benefits. Let us help you protect your independence and rest easier.

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Meet Our Alabama Disability Law Team

Abbey Clarkson is an Alabama Social Security Disability lawyer with over a decade of experience. Abbey’s sisters Allison Humphrey and Amber Holkem are paralegals who also manage the office day to day. Get to know more about the people you’ll be working with on your disability case:

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“This is an outstanding law firm that I recommend highly. After my disability was denied I was unsure what disability attorney to contact. . . . I had read too many reviews of attorneys that you were not able to contact when you had questions, or to find out the status of your case. I am so thankful I followed my instinct and notified The Clarkson Firm. They were professional, courteous, kind, and immediately went to work for me. Their case status app is an absolute game changer! . . . They were successful in helping me obtain my disability, and I will never be able to thank them enough.”

Kathy H in Google Reviews


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