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A doctor smiles and talks to his patient seated on a couch. Our Birmingham disability lawyer helps people in difficult times.

A Birmingham Disability Lawyer Who Helps You Through Hardship

We all know Birminghamians are hardworking people. And like anybody who works to provide for themselves and their family—and to be a positive and supportive neighbor—people in Birmingham deserve someone who cares about them when they face tough times.

The Clarkson Firm helps you secure financial assistance when your income takes a hit from major health problems. You get this through Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, which provide monthly checks and Medicare health coverage to keep you going.

Two things can stand in the way: a feeling of embarrassment at needing help, and an exhausting process to get approved.

Here’s some reassurance. You may not realize it, but you paid to be covered for SSDI benefits. It’s an insurance plan, not a handout.

It’s understandable if you’re unhappy in this situation—nobody’s ever happy about it—but you have every right to claim what you’re eligible to receive.

And when it comes to the process (it can be long and complicated), that’s what our Alabama disability attorney is here to handle. We study this and deal with it every day, so we can help you get through and onto a more settled and grounded life.

We’re not here to get you a handout. We’re here to give you a hand up.

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A man crosses his arms and smiles for the camera. The Birmingham Social Security Disability lawyer at The Clarkson Firm can help you at every stage in the process of getting disability benefits.

Services You Get from Our Birmingham Social Security Disability Lawyer

Wherever you are in the Social Security Disability process—whether you’re just thinking about it or you’ve already applied and now need to appeal—The Clarkson Firm can help you:

  • Decide if you have a good case. Let’s look at your situation and see how it applies under Social Security’s many rules for disability benefits. You’ll be able to make informed decisions.
  • Apply for disability benefits mistake-free. You can make sure you get the right information, submitted correctly, with help from a Social Security Disability lawyer who has seen it all before.
  • Fight a denial of benefits. It’s not over when you’re denied by Social Security Disability. Most people get denied, and the process of appealing the denial is when many win benefits.

Disability attorney Abbey Clarkson and her Birmingham legal team can also help you get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits

You can also talk to us if you have a personal injury case, civil litigation matter, or your family was the victim of funeral home negligence.

We can get to know each other and talk over what you need in a no-cost initial consultation.

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Holding his glasses in his lap, a man sits on a couch, talks on the phone and smiles. The Clarkson Firm Birmingham disability law provides the personal care and attention you deserve.

What Makes Our Birmingham Disability Law Firm Different

The founder of our law firm, disability lawyer Abbey Clarkson, is a Birminghamian, too, living with her husband in the Crestwood neighborhood.

She knows Birmingham’s hardworking people who work in health care, manufacturing, automotive, tourism and hospitality, education, warehouses and distribution, retail, and all the industries in the city.  

Abbey started The Clarkson Firm partly because she wanted to do things her own way. She talks in plain language, not lawyer-speak.

She helps everyday people, not big companies. She tells people straight-up whether she thinks they have a good case or not. 

You may not find another disability law firm quite like this:

  • Talk to your lawyer whenever you feel the need.
  • Check up on your claim 24/7 with our case status app.
  • Get help from when you first need to apply for benefits.
  • Work with someone local who cares about Alabama families.
  • Get treated with dignity and respect.
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