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The Clarkson Firm Handles Disability—and These Legal Practice Areas

If you need Social Security Disability benefits, The Clarkson Firm in Alabama is the kind of team you want.

Our disability lawyer has helped thousands of people win benefits and achieve more stable, peaceful lives when they can’t work due to severe health problems.

You can also ask us about two other kinds of cases:

These are very different kinds of cases, but what they have in common is that everyday, hardworking people get hurt and deserve compensation for their losses.

And you need a lawyer who treats you with the dignity you deserve and fights for you to get what’s right.

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, or a funeral home botched your loved one’s final remembrance, talk to The Clarkson Firm to see how we can help.

Contact us for help in Birmingham, Gadsden, Montgomery, Mobile and any place in Alabama, from North Alabama to the Black Belt to the Gulf Coast.

Wearing a suit and holding a flower, a man puts one hand on a gravestone and looks down. The Clarkson Firm has a funeral home negligence lawyer for people in Alabama.

How The Clarkson Firm Helps with Funeral Home Negligence

It’s something you never wanted to think about. It’s something you maybe didn’t even realize could happen. It’s a gut-wrenching experience if a funeral home egregiously mishandles your loved one’s final services and burial.

Cases like this include:

  • Loss of remains
  • Treating remains without proper respect
  • Failing to bury a family member in the arranged location
  • Improper burial
  • Misplaced tombstones
  • Disruption of the grave
  • Exhuming remains without consent
  • Stacking remains of different people in oversold plots

When funeral homes and cemeteries fail to treat you and your family with proper care, and cause additional anguish at a time when you’re already grieving, you can pursue compensation.

You can also force action through legal means, such as an order to move a grave to the correct location.

We’re a family law firm with a mission to serve other Alabama families. Talk to us about protecting your family’s rights and putting an awful situation behind you.

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Looking concerned, a man sits on his couch, reading from a sheet of paper and talking on the phone. The Clarkson Firm disability attorneys can answer questions about getting Social Security Disability benefits.

How Does Social Security Disability Work? Get Answers.

Social Security Disability is a huge, complicated program that often doesn’t seem like it cares much about you and your needs. Can’t get answers to your questions? Your disability attorney from The Clarkson Firm is the one who truly cares and guides you. Talk to us.

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