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It hurts bad to lose work and income because of major health problems. Social Security Disability benefits can ease the pain.

You get monthly economic support to help pay bills. You get access to Medicare to cover the treatment you need.

Best of all, you get solid ground to stand on and relief from the stress.

People think disability benefits are some kind of handout. They’re not.

Social Security Disability is an insurance plan. You paid into it when you worked and paid taxes. You earned and deserve these benefits when you have to stop working because of medical conditions.

The government has A LOT of rules to make people prove they really need benefits. An Alabama Social Security Disability lawyer from Clarkson Pennington Law can help you through this. We’ve helped thousands of people.

Call us in Birmingham, Gadsden, Montgomery or Mobile—everywhere from North Alabama to the Black Belt to the Gulf Coast. If you’re in Chattanooga or anywhere in Tennessee, give us a call. Anywhere in the Southeast, we can help you.

We’re not here to get you a handout. We’re here to give you a hand up.


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Three people meet at a conference room table, laptop, papers and glasses of water in front of them. Clarkson Pennington Law helps people apply for disability benefits and work through the entire process.

Ways Our Alabama Disability Law Firm Helps You

The Social Security Disability system has many pieces and parts. Whatever type of disability benefits you need, or wherever you are in the process, Clarkson Pennington Law can help.

You can come to us with any of these needs:

Bring your Social Security Disability questions to Alabama disability attorney Abbey Clarkson and her legal team. It’s free to give us a call. We’ll listen to your story and give you straight answers about what to expect from the disability programs.

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A doctor stands over a man in a hospital bed and holds an IV bag. They smile and talk. Clarkson Pennington Law disability lawyers make sure you are treated with dignity when health problems leave you unable to work.

Why Work with Clarkson Pennington for Social Security Disability?

Right now, this is one of the worst times you’ve ever been through. We get it.

You’re worried about losing your house, losing your car. Health and money problems put stress on your relationships.

With Social Security Disability benefits, you can at least get back some stability and independence.

But you don’t want just anyone helping you. This is your life and your future we’re talking about. Your disability lawyer should be someone who pays attention to you, someone who cares.

Someone like Clarkson Pennington Law:

  • We talk to you like regular people, not stuffy lawyers.
  • You can actually speak directly with your attorney.
  • You’ll be treated like a real human being, not a number.
  • We’re a family firm, dedicated to helping families like yours.
  • We’ve helped thousands of people.

And Clarkson Pennington Law doesn’t just think about your disability case and nothing else. We look out for you any way we can.

If you were hurt in a car wreck, for example, we can help you find a good personal injury lawyer. If you’re struggling to survive while you wait for Social Security to decide on your disability benefits, we can point you to places that can help.

And you don’t pay your disability attorney anything until you win benefits.

You deserve a little peace.

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Meet Our Alabama Disability Law Team

Abbey Clarkson is an Alabama Social Security Disability lawyer with over a decade of experience. Abbey’s sisters Allison Humphrey and Amber Holkem are paralegals who also manage the office day to day. Get to know more about the people you’ll be working with on your disability case:


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“I’m more than amazed with Abbey and her firm. I felt like it was so easy to talk to them. . . . They always explained everything so I could understand. . . . I consider Abbey a friend, not just a lawyer. I’ll recommend them anytime. . . . Thank you guys for leading me and guiding me through this whole process.”

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