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Why You Deserve Help from Disability Benefits

If you’ve had to stop working because of severe health problems, and now you’re facing hard times, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits were created to help you stay afloat.

You know about Social Security retirement benefits. But what happens if medical conditions force you out of work earlier? Social Security Disability fills that gap.

You paid into it. You worked for it. Don’t hesitate to claim what’s rightfully yours when you need it.

There’s no shame in this. And you won’t get any judgment from your Alabama disability lawyer at The Clarkson Firm.

We’re here to listen and help you get to better times. We know this isn’t a handout, but a hand up.

The process is hard enough that you might need a disability lawyer—but you don’t pay a lawyer until you win benefits. The Clarkson Firm has helped thousands of people.

From Birmingham, Gadsden, Montgomery or Mobile, from North Alabama to the Black Belt to the Gulf Coast, in Chattanooga or anywhere in Tennessee, or across the entire Southeast, give us a call.

A man and woman sit on a couch going over paperwork with a laptop open. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits requires gathering a lot of information.

What Goes Into a Social Security Disability Benefits Case?

People often think that others are always cheating the Social Security Disability system. The truth is, that hardly ever really happens.

One reason is that it’s so hard to get benefits. You’ve got hoops to jump through, hurdles to jump over, you name it. 

You can’t just say you need help and sign up. An SSDI application has many parts:

  • Showing that you’re not currently working much, or at all
  • Showing that you earned enough credits from past work to qualify
  • Showing how you have one or more serious health impairments
  • Showing why you can’t return to your old job, or handle a new job 
  • Showing why you won’t be able to work for at least a year


This is like telling your life story, with documents to back it up.

But with disability attorney Abbey Clarkson and her team helping you, you can get this done.

We know what to do and how to do it. And we make sure you’re treated with dignity and respect along the way.

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A man with a laptop on his knees smiles at a woman as they sit on a couch. The Clarkson Firm disability attorneys can answer questions about getting Social Security Disability benefits.

How Does Social Security Disability Work? Get Answers.

Social Security Disability is a huge, complicated program that often doesn’t seem like it cares much about you and your needs. Can’t get answers to your questions? Your disability attorney from The Clarkson Firm is the one who truly cares and guides you. Talk to us.

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“From beginning to end, Abbey and her amazing staff walked me through the entire process of filing for, and now receiving, SSD. They were professional in every way and were kind and comforting and answered all my questions . . . Honestly, I needed a little hand-holding, and they were there for that, too. . . . Because of their expertise, I was approved.”

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