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Someone to Fight for Your Family to Be Treated with Dignity

This is a nightmare you didn’t even know you could have: A funeral home bungles your loved one’s final remembrance by mishandling their remains, botching their burial, or otherwise adding trauma to a time when you’re already grieving.

You can pursue them to compensate you financially for this violation of your family’s dignity, and to compel them to correct their misdeeds

In legal terms, this is called a funeral home negligence case. And The Clarkson Firm takes on these cases for families in Alabama, so you can get resolution and find peace after a disturbing experience.

The funeral home industry is susceptible to problems. Just think about it: People only deal with them when they’re in grief. Most people aren’t prepared for the steep costs of funerals and burials. You’re distraught, in shock, and confused by the high prices.

While there are many honorable operators, others may take advantage of the situation to cut corners, ignore requests, and, ultimately, mistreat you and your family. 

You don’t have to just take it and move on. Get an experienced Alabama funeral home negligence lawyer to fight for what’s right.

Call The Clarkson Firm anywhere in Alabama: Birmingham, Gadsden, Montgomery, Mobile, and throughout North Alabama, the Black Belt and the Gulf Coast.

Wearing a suit and holding a flower, a man puts one hand on a gravestone and looks down. In a funeral home negligence case, you can claim various forms of compensation.

Compensation You Can Pursue in a Funeral Home Negligence Case

Of course, a legal case cannot go back in time, undo what happened and erase the emotional harm of an appalling breach by a funeral home.

But a funeral home negligence case can ensure justice after a wrongdoing and compensation to move forward.

In these kinds of cases, you can pursue:

  • Your money back for poor service or services never provided
  • An order to correct a failure, such as moving remains to the correct burial plot
  • Compensation for the emotional distress

Funeral homes and cemeteries have a duty to treat you responsibly. If they fail, you could have a claim against them under laws covering negligence, breach of contract and fraud.

Alabama law has a special concept called the “Tort of Outrage” that applies to funeral and burial failures.

You have to prove the funeral home was intentional, reckless, and extreme in its behavior; but you could possibly win compensation for mental anguish that can be harder to get in other kinds of cases.

In personal injury cases, for example, courts may look suspiciously on claims for hard-to-measure “pain and suffering” damages after a car wreck. 

But in funeral home negligence cases, courts may be more sympathetic to you in awarding monetary compensation for emotional trauma that doesn’t have an easy price tag.

After a gut-wrenching episode like this, work with an Alabama attorney who’s determined to see you finally get the treatment and respect you deserve.

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