Lexi Hodges

Medical Records Specialist

Lexi Hodges grew up on Sand Mountain as part of a large family in a small community in Blake Community. She is the oldest of 5 children. She graduated from Plainview High School in 2017. She then attended Northeast Alabama Community College for a year where she was studying to become a nurse. She ultimately decided the medical field was not for her and decided to refocus her career. Lexi, being the oldest of 5 children, has always been very responsible and self-motivated. She is a very important asset to the firm.

Lexi began ordering and receiving medical records for the firm in May of 2019. Lexi is able to quickly and efficiently order the medical records that are essential to winning disability cases. Lexi is a very understanding to the sensitivity of each case and is willing to lend a hand anywhere it is needed.

In Lexi’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her fiancΓ©, Alex, her family, and her 3 dogs: Kilo, Roxi and Luis. She also enjoys being a big sister, proudly supporting her siblings in their extracurricular activities and being there for them when they need her.